Stay in control of the
UV process!


The ICAD-Technology (Inline Continuous Automated Dynamic) UV Monitoring – ICAD® Technology A/S is founded with the purpose to improve the quality of UV technology used in production.

UV processes done right has a high value for manufacturers and the end users. UV processes done with incorrect UV exposure creates poor and unsafe products. Hence, correct UV is essential to obtain the products we as consumers expect.

Especially the UV LED technology going into the market requires process control of many small sources.


ICAD® Technology is a sampling rod which travels in the area between the lamp/LED and the substrate to be irradiated. ICAD® needs to be build into the curing zone

ICAD® Technology can sample different wavelenghts in order to detect variances in the light output, hence changes in quality on the substrate.

ICAD® Technology can both be applied to process control, where variances can be detected in real time, but can also be used in development to secure consistent parameters over time.

More consistent quality of work

Reduce energi consumption

Available for nearly any UV system

Longer lifetime for UV and UV LED systems

More production time


ICAD® enables roll2roll applications to monitor their UV output, which has not been possible before. Traveling in the zone between the UV or UV LED source and the product to be cured, ICAD® monitors any changes in set intervals.

This can be done for both Hg-based sources as well as UV LED sources. The benefits are many and the first 6-8 color narrow web presses are now in the field with ICAD® Technology.


Several high-profile users of UV in the wood and furniture industry benefit from the inline control of the ICAD® Technology.

Major benefits are “15-45 min. more production time per day as well as a reduced reject and rework rate“. Other benefits are longer lifetime of LED and Mercury lamps, less energy consumption, better gloss control and the possibility to document towards final customer that UV parameters have been met.

W-LED with ICAD-Technology


This Test Bench will increase the uptime on printing jobs, save cost on spare parts and maintenance and even give a more stable production.

Using the build in Ink-testing equipment, will enable you to test new inks and colors offline with the same parameters as the on press – but without taking up press time.

Ink suppliers also now have the possibility to define the UV exposure requirements for their inks, giving their customers the possibility to deliver correct exposure and minimize errors due to the UV systems.

Feel free to read the brochure, if you want to learn more..

ICAD® Technology is patented technology with the following Patent references:

US patent no. 11,097,309

Korean patent application no. 10-2019-7035307 (“Patent pending”)

European patent no. EP 3615141